Sunday, January 3, 2010

How To Make Feather Earrings

Feather earrings are the newest trend. I'm starting to see them everywhere - and why not? They're a great way to add some flair.

And the best part? They're easy to make, and feathers are cheap, cheap, cheap!

You will need:

A special kind of crimp (see above) - the kind used on the ends of cotton cord. I'll update with a link to a site where you can buy these.


Earring wires or clips

Needlenose pliers


Step One: Put together the feathers

Find a combination of feathers you like, and make sure you have enough similar feathers to make a double of it.

Step Two: Crimp It

Holding the feathers firmly, place the open crimp at the top of the feathers. Make sure that all the stems are in the crimp, and that none stick out the end. If you need to trim the ends with scissors to achieve this, do so.

Making sure that the feathers don't shift away from where you want them, fold one side of the crimp in and over the stems with needle-nosed pliers, pressing firmly. Then fold the other side of the crimp over as well.

Step Three: Repeat.

Do the same thing all over again to create the second earring.

Step Four: Attach ear wires.

This is pretty basic... just remember to twist open the earring loops and you should be fine. Make sure the front of the feathers is facing the right direction.

Et Voila!

Obviously, I didn't follow my own advice about making sure you have enough of the same type of feathers.


This is the easy & quick way to make these earrings. There's another way that looks better but requires more work. I'll be posting a tutorial with that method soon.

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