Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paper Mache Hats...

So for all you crafters out there who have ever thought of making your own top hat out of paper mache...


After much recutting and reshaping I finally have the base for my top hat down and it is so ridiculously hard and inflexible. If I wasn't only going to wear it for one night, or if I didn't only have 18 days left to finish my costume, I would completely start over.

That being said, here's a great paper mache resource: http://www.papiermache.co.uk/

Lately I've been getting caught up with "real life", meaning school and the play I'm in and the ever-ongoing job search, mostly. Also my boyfriend took his camera back and I have no clue where mine is, so it's a bit hard for me to do product photos, blog photos, etc. Of course it's his camera, not mine. I need to find my camera... or get a new one...

I made a really cute Halloween necklace last night. It's a candy corn necklace. I'd show you all if I could.

Anyway, sorry for the recent sluggishness and total lack of tutorials. I'll try to get back on the ball. =)

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