Sunday, September 20, 2009

Die Cuts and Yard Sales

Every time I drive into town on the weekends, I pass at least five different signs for yard sales. It's torture! I can just imagine all the broken watches I could take apart and use in steampunk jewelry, or the old books with colorful pages, or interesting jewelry I could take apart, just waiting to be discovered... AND I HAVE NO MONEY!

So go buy something from my shop, before garage sale season is over! LOL.

Aaaand now... as promised... examples of what you can do with book pages!

I went to the local Ben Franklin craft store today... they have two different die-cutting setups, and I make good use of them. =) Here's what I made today...

Over 20 small envelopes like these:

And a lot of these adorable little heart boxes - the PERFECT size for the rings I make!


  1. TOOOOOOOOOTALLY cute boxes!! and i feel your pain about yard sales and having no money. very frustrating.

  2. I ADORRE the zebraa box!!

    SUPER freakin cute!!!

    you are veryyyy talented.

  3. I'm glad you guys like the boxes so much! Maybe I can come up with a blank that's different enough that I can give it to you guys to make your own, without infringing their copyright too much. I'll give it a shot!