Monday, September 21, 2009

Upcycled Envelope Tutorials (by other crafters)

Tonight I decided that before writing up my tutorial on making envelopes, mailers, and more from the book pages, I ought to check out what others have done that is similar. WOW! There are so many great and different ideas out there on how to make upcycled mailers and envelopes!

I'm still going to write my own tutorial, because I'm sure I'll do a few things differently, but I'll read the tutorials others have written first and if I come across any useful tricks, or if I think up any of my own, I can include those in my tutorial... giving credit where credit is due for other people's tricks, of course.

In the meantime, you really should check some of these out!

Treehugger features several eco-friendly mailer creations from a variety of materials.

Team EcoEtsy shows how to make a waterproof brown paper mailer from old grocery bags!

Whosies has a similar tutorial using contractor's paper.

Trans-Canada Etsy Team
shows how to make mailers from old cereal boxes on their blog!

And finally, 27 Things has a tutorial for DIY bubble mailers that are just beautiful!

Glancing over these, I can see how my ideas are different enough to warrant writing a tutorial or two of my own. So go out and read these, but be sure to check back here to see my own spin on it! =)

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