Monday, September 21, 2009

Speaking of Eco-Friendly...

This is just a quick post to give a shout-out to epicerma, who has the perfect shop for women who want to take eco-friendliness to the extreme!

Warning: this feature actually acknowledges that women's bodies do different things than the other type. If you can't handle it, skip this post.

How much do we women spend on tampons and pads per year? Far too much! And it's not like any of that is recyclable.

Epicerma has the solution, with her cute cute cute cloth pantyliners and pads. Instead of messing with pads, and throwing away all that paper, plastic, and who knows what else, just pop these in the washing machine and reuse them! Plus, these snap on, which means no sticky backing that doesn't stick, except to the pad itself.

The biggest bonus for me is that these won't make you feel like you're wearing a diaper. I think these would make a great gift to a daughter who's just started her period... they're stylish and much cooler than puffy white maxipads.

Here's my favorite:

Check out her shop
- it's definitely worth a look!

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