Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shop Swap & Blog

I just signed up for the Shop Swap & Blog, and I had to let everyone know what it is so you all could sign up too!

Shop Swap & Blog

Basically, you send some items from your etsy shop to strangers who have blogs, and they send items from their shops to you, and you all blog about the experience! It's a great way to advertise, get free stuff, and meet new people, all in one fell swoop! (I like the phrase "fell swoop".)

You can do this trade with one or with two people, in your country or internationally. I'm doing it internationally... I hope I get someone from Mexico, I can send some of my Day of the Dead stuff!

You should sign up too! And then comment and let me know you did! ^_~

Incidentally, I found out about this on the lovely EllyBellies blog, here: Go check it out!

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