Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pictures, as promised

OK, first things first... here is my sketch of the costume.

Obviously, I don't have a wacom tablet and my scanner is broken. But I think you can get the gist of it here...

The corset is black velvet with gold braid, gold buttons, gold fringe, and tails.

The jacket is short and red, with gold epaulets and black velvet cuffs and collar. Gold buttons on the cuffs.

Pants are black, stretchy and fitted, with a stripe of either gold or blue down the side.

Spats end at the top of my calf, and button up the side. They're the best I can do for tall boots. They're black pleather.

Plus a wire form papier-mache'd and covered with cloth for the hat, which is actually fairly close to actual haberdashery, only they have special cloth that they harden with water instead of paper mache. Big difference, ya?

Here's the fabric!~

Black pleather - VELVET - yellow cloth - red for the jacket - stretchy black pants - silky turquoise shirt.

I can't get the true color of the yellow to show up in the photos - it's not this buttery, really. That flower is SO going on my hat.

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