Friday, September 25, 2009

Thrift Store Bonanza!

OK, first of all, a quick shout-out to my fabulous followers, all TEN of you! I love you all. And I'm so excited that it's in the double-digits! Pretty soon the little box with your pictures might actually be all the way full!

That being said, I'll move on to the main reason for this post. My boyfriend and I changed our minds YET AGAIN about what we were going to be for Halloween. First it was Steve Erwin and Stingray... then it was Gladiator and Lion... and now it's Lion and Liontamer! I'm the liontamer!

And we're definitely sticking with this one, for two reasons: 1: it's too late to change our minds now, I only have a month to make the costumes and 2: the thrift store was having a 60% OFF sale this evening so we bought a bunch of clothes to take apart and use the fabric!

I got a red dress to take apart and use for a short jacket, and another dress with yards and yards of crushed black velvet to make a corset top with tails out of. Then I got some stretchy black pants which I will have to fit to my legs cuz they're WAY too big, and some black pleather pants to cut apart and make into black leather spats cuz I have NO boots.

Also a truly hideous dress with bright yellow fabric and a silky turquoise shirt.

Total cost: around $15. Say it with me: I. Love. Salvation. Army.

I'll post pictures of all my goodies tomorrow, plus a sketch of my costume.

All I have left to buy is gold braid, and something to make the epaulets on the shoulders. That will probably be the most expensive part... I wonder if there's anything I could substitute for gold braid...? I'll check around online.

And of course I'll be documenting the entire costume-making journey on this blog, and telling you how to do everything so you can have a costume as awesome as mine will be too! Stay tuned. =)

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